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Re: g++: installation problem, cannot exec 'cc1plus': No such file or directory when using -mno-cygwin

Brian Dessent wrote:
Simon Lam wrote:

I am having an issue using the -mno-cygwin flag with g++/gcc. From what
I have read in the archives, you need to gcc-mingw installed to have it
working, however I do have it installed - see attached cygcheck.out.

The mingw parts of the compiler are actually only extracted/installed in
the postinstall of the gcc-mingw-* packages.  So it looks like for
whatever reason your postinstall did not complete.

You should have a number of /etc/postinstall/gcc-mingw-*.sh.done files -
if any of them are not named .done then that indicates an installation
problem.  You will have to debug further to find out why these
postinstall scripts are failing, but as a practical matter you should be
able to just set all the gcc-mingw-* packages to "reinstall" in
setup.exe to force them to rerun.

I also notice that you have text mode mounts -- this probably is
irrelevent to your problem but it would be the first thing I would
change if I were trying to troubleshoot.


Sweet - that worked out ok. I wasn't sure if it was me having it in text mode, or that I overlooked reinstalling gcc-mingw-* (I thought I did reinstall those...), but reinstall and setting it to binary mode worked for me (I changed both options, so I am not sure what the fix was...).

>Thanks a lot

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