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Re: Downloading Cygwin under Linux ....

Joshua Daniel Franklin writes:

> Jan, cyg-apt appears to be able to install packages on Cygwin as
> well as Linux.


> Do you know if it has regularly been used in such a manner?

I'm using it, but I haven't had any success or bug reports.

>The biggest concern would be that if running under Cygwin it would
>not be able to install cygwin1.dll.

Right.  You cannot upgrade cygwin1.dll or python on Cygwin and there
even was no check for that.  Fixed.

> While setup.exe is the only supported way of installing packages on
> Cygwin, I would like to add this information to the FAQ as another
> option for users who cannot use setup.exe to select packages (linux
> or blindness have come up several times).

Maybe it's too early for that.  Also, cyg-apt is end of life.  It is
to be replaced by a similar script based on our new Grand Unified
Binaries (GUB), but that has only partial Cygwin support, and no
support yet for downloading, caching and client-side use.


Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter       |

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