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Install puts bin/ and terminfo/ directories in wrong directory.

I installed cygwin using the defaults.  By that I mean
I accepted the directory of C:\Cygwin, the default
download directory, and selected no additional

The installation program seemed to complete with no
exceptions.  However when I went to run the program it
said it couldn't find the Bash program.  I looked at
the Cygwin.bat file and determined that there was no
C:\Cygwin\bin\ directory.  

After some investigation, I found the bin\ and
terminfo\ directories under C:\download\PDFMerge\. 
PDFMerge is a program that, as far as I know, has no
relationship to Cygwin.  

I move the bin\ and terminfo\ directories under
C:\Cygwin\ and then the bash shell will start, but it
could find any programs - not even 'ls'.

I copied the directory back under the PDFMerge folder
and everything started working finally.

Reinstalling Cygwin produces the same result.

I added some packaged (i.e. the X Windows stuff) and
it placed them in the bin\ directory which is under
the PDFMerge tree.

1) Where did the installation program get the PDFMerge
directory path in the first place?  I have looked in
the registry, grep'ed through all the files on the
hard drive, and look at the user's environment
variables and I haven't discovered where it came from.

2) Where is the Cygwin bash program getting the bin
directory information and how can I change it to come
to use the C:\Cygwin\bin\ and terminfo\ directories?

Thanks for your help.
-Alan Ramsey


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