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Re: readline 5.1 question

> Thanks very much. Is there any reason this important library isn't
> installed by default?

libreadline6 IS installed by default, but at version 5.0-4.  As to why
libreadline6-5.1-1 is not installed by default, it is because I marked
the package experimental because it relied on features that weren't
present in cygwin-1.5.18 at the time I released the package; along
with the fact that bash/readline has notoriously had some major bugs
every time a new release is made, so it is wise to wait a few weeks for
the official upstream patches to settle out (thanks to Chet Ramey for
keeping the version control repository of bash/readline private; I
imagine a lot of those major bugs found on every release would be
reduced somewhat if his development style were a bit more open.  But
that is my personal opinion, and a bit off-topic from your original
question).  I'm still reluctant to bump bash to 3.1 until I have packaged
bash-3.1-2 with official upstream patches 2-5 as well as fixing the
exec -l bug, and given that some more experimental test time.  But
now that cygwin-1.5.19 is out, and readline 5.1 has not yet had any
official upstream patches (ie. it seems pretty stable), I will probably go
ahead and bump readline to 5.1.

Eric Blake

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