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Re: readline 5.1 question

> Hi all,
> My application recently started depending on readline 5.1. In Cygwin, I
> installed in setup.exe 
>   All->Devel->readline, and I have version 5.1-1 as the current.

Did you also pick up libreadline6-5.1-1?  readline-5.1-1 only contains
the headers and static link library, but using plain -lreadline without
also using -static picks up the dynamic link library.  The .dll is purposefully
shipped in a different package, since the .dll is required by base
packages, but the headers and static libraries are only needed in
a development environment.  I don't know of a way to make setup.exe
force dependencies across experimental versions (ie. if you select
just readline-5.1-1, it would be nice if cygwin.exe could then automatically
also select libreadline6-5.1-1).

By the way, following the directions here, by attaching the output
of cygcheck -svr, would have made it more obvious to me if you
are experiencing the version mismatch that I think you are:
> Problem reports:

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin readline maintainer

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