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Re: New platform independent problem

> Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 14:47:40 +0900
> From: djh <>
> In December of last year, 2005, the cygwin developers deprecated d_ino 
> out of the dirent.h defined dirent structure.  
> This break emac's dired.c (from compiling)
> Ref:

Without knowing the full details, I'd risk saying that this was not
the best decision.  Is there really no way of making d_ino be
consistent with what `stat' returns about the same directory?

In any case, I think removing the member is a solution that is much
worse than the problem: many programs refer to d_ino, but don't
require too much from its contents.  These programs will now fail to
compile.  I don't think that the goal of educating the maintainers of
Bash and Find (a worthy goal in itself) justifies breaking the other

If making d_ino consistent with st_ino is impossible, a better way of
dealing with problems in Bash and Find is to make changes in those
packages' sources that are specific to Cygwin.

> This change causes a "make bootstrap" error in building my emacs vers. 
> 22.0.50 source.
> "gcc -c  -Demacs -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DUSE_GTK  -I. ..snipped...-O2 dired.c
> dired.c: In function `directory_files_internal':
> dired.c:230: error: structure has no member named `d_ino'
> dired.c: In function `file_name_completion':
> dired.c:538: error: structure has no member named `d_ino'
> make[1]: *** [dired.o] Error 1 "
> Under the prior version of cygwin this built successfully.
> I unfortunatley am not expert enough to suggest any fixes for this, but, 
> I wanted to bring it to your attension to those of you out there who are 
> and want emacs to continue to be usable on the newer version of cygwin.

The immediate fix seems to be to modify the definition of
DIRENTRY_NONEMPTY for Cygwin so that it uses the same trick as on
MS-DOS.  (Isn't it sad that Cygwin needs old MS-DOS era tricks?)

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