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Did md5sum -c change line end handling?


  I've noticed since my last cygwin update (2 days ago with reinstall of coreutils today)
that md5sum is failing on a check.  For example

$ md5sum -c downloaded_file.gz.md5
: No such file or directoryz
: FAILED open or read
md5sum: WARNING: 1 of 1 listed file could not be read

I'm running:
coreutils            5.93-2         OK
cygwin               1.5.19-3       OK

Notice the message ": No such file or directoryz" - that is not a typo but a cut and paste.
 Turns out that the .md5 file has a CR-LF (downloaded from source provider) in it that is no
longer being read properly.  Removing the offending 0x0D from the file .md5 file causes it
to work properly.

Was md5sum change in it's handling of CR/LF?  Or did I do something screwy in my update like
select DOS files (although I've never done before it is possible).

I've also checked old md5 files that verified properly in the past but now fail like above.

-- Mark

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