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Re: find reports an internal system loop on cygdrive

Igor Peshansky wrote:
> The real directory is causing find to recurse into the /cygdrive/* 
> hierarchy, and that, in turn, causes the internal loop error.  Note that 
> if you had a c:\bwinrcb file, it would be found with the real /cygdrive 
> directory, and not found without it (using your command).  Also note that 
> in the new versions of Cygwin (probably 1.5.19), /cygdrive will be listed 
> in "/" even if it's a virtual directory. 
> Also, all of what you've described in your message is normal expected 
> behavior.

Okay I think I get it now and just to test you I created a C:\bwinrcb.txt and 
then did the find without the -xdev and with only a virtual cygdrive and sure 
enough the find failed to find the C:\bwinrcb.txt file.  

Then I turned around a created a real cygdrive directory in /cygdrive/c/cygwin 
and tried the following:

BrianK@atl-lt-5783 ~
$ find / -depth -name "*winrc*"
find: Filesystem loop detected; `/cygdrive/c/cygwin' has the same device number
and inode as a directory which is 3 levels higher in the filesystem hierarchy.

BrianK@atl-lt-5783 ~
$ find / -xdev -depth -name "*winrc*"

BrianK@atl-lt-5783 ~

As you can see in the first one it finds the bwinrcb.txt file but you get the 
internal loop warning.  If I then use the -xdev to prevent the message it of 
course doesn't find the file because I essentially told it now to look there.  
While it makes sense it does sort of seem like a catch 22 and still a bit 
confusing - is the find actually finishing or is it aborting when it finds the 
loop and therefore will never search the entire path it might have access to.

Thanks for the assistance from all and the additional info.  


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