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Re: problen with run command and the environment

Igor Peshansky schrieb:
On Thu, 19 Jan 2006, Holger Krull wrote:

Maybe have bash start run starting bash, like that:

E:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c -l 'run bash -c -l "CYGWIN=server Xwin.exe :0 -query murpel &" '

It looks overly complicated, but helps me to keep the cygwin dirs from
the windows Path Variable and to get rid of the extra shell window.

This will still flash the bash window, however briefly, when started from a shortcut. The whole point of starting "run" first is to avoid that window.

I forgot to mention that i use this as a link on my desktop and in the properties i set start minimized. So i the bash doesn't show up at all

 Also, you want to do "exec XWin" from bash, to avoid the extra
bash process hanging around.

the & handles this

BTW, one rarely mentioned alternative to "run" is "setsid".

There was a reason i didn't use setsid, but i don't remember it now. I need to check the discussion on Xfree list back then.

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