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Re: find reports an internal system loop on cygdrive

Ok...sounds logical.

The warning message about the duplicate inode may be
confusing for those not used to seeing it.  I haven't
figured out a way around it (I've had the message for
a long time as I have my 'cygdrive' prefix mapped to "/").


Igor Peshansky wrote:

On Thu, 19 Jan 2006, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

On Jan 18 16:49, Linda A. Walsh wrote:

Oh, sorry Brian -- flash update.  Have you upgraded in the past
45 hours?  Then you might have the newest feature implemented
by Christopher.

Is there any logic to doing this for /proc and /cygdrive and not

The logic is that /dev should be a real directory, to allow stuff like
creating the /dev/log unix domain socket when running syslogd, or for
instance symlinks like /dev/tape -> /dev/st0 as expected by mt(1).

If /dev is an emulated only directory, both of the above examples would

FWIW, you can have /dev as a real directory populated by virtual devices.

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