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Re: Building Cygwin from CVS

Dave Korn wrote:
> Cliff Hones wrote:
>>  . When I ran the tests, I got five unexpected failures (devdsp,
>>    msgtest, pthread-cancel1, semtest and shmtest).  Is this to
>>    be expected :-).
>   Is the smiley there to indicate that you already understand perfectly well
> that these tests would require cygserver to be running and CYGWIN=server to be
> defined in the environment?

Actually, no - I'd not looked at what the tests were doing.  My smiley was
in case these tests should have been in the "expected failures" category,
with core developers knowing these tests failed, but noone had yet got
round to updating the test suite.  Such horrors have been known to happen,
but I'm glad to see not with Cygwin.

Now I know I'd say it's yet another useful addition to the FAQ.  PTC, I know -
I guess I could take a look at what's involved in generating a patch, though
it would take me far longer than anyone already familiar with updating the FAQ.

-- Cliff

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