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Trouble with cron

I'm having trouble using cron on cygwin.

I just installed cron using setup.exe.  It didn't create any rc.d
files, so I started it manually by typing cron at the prompt.  (I'm a
member of group 0).  Although the cron process is running, it doesn't
seem to be running my cron job.

Any suggestions on what to do?  My goal is to get the machine to shut
itself off at a certain time (necessary to stop those late night

PS Is there a way to change the title of the cygwin window, like I can
type "title" in a cmd window?

PPS Please CC me on response if you can.

(cygcheck -svr included - below are dumps of other mentioned info)

$ ps auxw ; ls -l /var/log ; ls -l /etc/rc.d/init.d/ ; /usr/sbin/chkc
onfig.exe --list
     5720       1    5720       5720  con 1005 11:03:09 /usr/bin/bash
     5620       1    5620       5620    ? 1005 11:05:39 /usr/sbin/cron
     4928    5720    4928       4928  con 1005 11:21:19 /usr/bin/bash
     4304    4928    4928        992  con 1005 11:21:19 /usr/bin/ps
total 104K
-rwxr-x---+ 1 TheGreens Users 67K Jan 18 11:02 setup.log*
-rwxr-x---+ 1 TheGreens Users 34K Jan 18 11:02 setup.log.full*
-rwx------+ 1 TheGreens None    0 Jan 18 11:02 wtmp*
total 20K
-rwxr-x---+ 1 TheGreens Users 9.1K Nov 10  2002 functions*
-rwxr-x---+ 1 TheGreens Users 2.6K Nov 10  2002 sshd*
-rwxr-x---+ 1 TheGreens Users 1022 Jun 26  2003 stunnel*
sshd            0:off   1:off   2:off   3:off   4:off   5:off   6:off
stunnel         0:off   1:off   2:off   3:off   4:off   5:off   6:off

$ id
uid=1005(TheGreens) gid=513(None) groups=0(root),513(None),544(Administrators),5

$ crontab -l
# DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - edit the master and reinstall.
# (my.cron installed on Wed Jan 18 11:08:19 2006)
# (Cron version -- $Id: crontab.c,v 1.8 2004/12/21 16:14:41 corinna Exp $)
0 10 11 * * hibernate now

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