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Re: Wich privileges required by ssh-host-config running user?

Dave Korn wrote:
Chris Taylor wrote:

Dave Korn wrote:

Simplest workaround would be to always join the machine to the domain
first and install cygwin second.

And to install as the domain administrator, not the local admin, otherwise you run into this problem, as the OP has done.

  Probably a domain user would suffice.  It might be best if the domain user
account was made a "Power User" in the machine's local user accounts.

cheers, DaveK

I'm not sure that power users have the ability to change ownership in this way.. It may be that you would be required to use a domain administrator account to install and to set up any services you wished to use, though I could be mistaken. I'd have to test it to see.

Chris --

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