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Solved partially by findutils 4.3 - RE: "inode changed", "replaced while being copied"


OK, one down, one to go ;-)
New cygcheck.out to show the current config.

This one is SOLVED with the (experimental) findutils 4.3:

find: //desdata1/divisions/frameworks/share/Tools/BrainTools changed
during execution of find (old inode number -411813144, new
inode number
-457114904, filesystem type is system) [ref 1114]

Thanks, Eric!

Still OPEN: Since 1.5.19-2 and the corresponding new coreutils,
I get the following interesting messages: 

~$ echo blub > //desdata2/universal/Sourcecode/test.txt
~$ cp -f //desdata2/universal/Sourcecode/test.txt /cygdrive/f/tmp
~$ mv //desdata2/universal/Sourcecode/test.txt
~$ cp -f //desdata2/universal/Sourcecode/test.exe /cygdrive/f/tmp
cp: skipping file `//desdata2/universal/Sourcecode/test.exe', as it was
replaced while being copied

The exe file is not copied, by the way.

These are consistent when I install 1.5.19-2 etc.
After downgrading to 1.5.18-1, I'm back to usual.
Note that I did have 1.5.19-1 installed at some point, but apart
from following Corinna's instructions, I've installed and uninstalled
some other, much older versions since then, so I don't believe there
should be any dirt left.

I guess there's something strange about our network drive configuration,
but the problem only shows up in the newer cygwin, not in e.g. Windows
explorer. Should I try to find out which package exactly makes the
difference by installing all permutations, or will that not work anyway?

Any hints as to what I could explore?
Could these two observation have any connection?
Is it possible that the "inode has changed" "assertion" is new
in cygwin, or find, or coreutils?

Thanks for your patience and everything,

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