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Re: Using VC-compiled Mesa binaries under Cygwin

Dave Korn wrote:
> Eric Lilja wrote:
>>>> However, doing a nm GLUT32.lib | grep glutPostRedisplay (the first
>>>> undefined reference), shows: $ nm GLUT32.lib | grep
>>>> _glutPostRedisplay 00000000 I __imp__glutPostRedisplay@0
>>>> 00000000 T _glutPostRedisplay@0
>>> This is definitely the MSVC name mangling convention.... but I think
>>> that gcc doesn't append the number of bytes on the end.  What
>>> calling convention did you compile with?  I think MSVC adds the
>>> argument size to stdcall but not cdecl, or else the other way
>>> around.
>> I checked the glut project and it's built with __cdecl by default. I
>> changed to stdcall,
>  I think what you really want to be doing is investigating the linker
> option "--enable-stdcall-fixup" and perhaps adding it to the linker
> command line?

Since posting, I've reverted to cdecl-variant of glut (the default), and 
adding that linker option when using the raw dll (i.e., no pexports/dlltool 
generated files involved) yields the same linker errors as before. =( Maybe 
I misunderstood you. Thanks for trying to help.

>    cheers,
>      DaveK 

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