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"inode changed", 9Exception, NetApp share - any coincidence?

Hi guys,

since yesterday, I'm experiencing some strange problems,
some of which I connect with cygwin, but surely our local
setup with shared drives is an issue, too. I'm asking our
IT staff at the same time whether anything changed with the
server configuration, but cannot tell whether I'll get a
useful answer ;-)

a) Since yesterday, when running setup.exe on our own, private,
enriched mirror, I get an error message saying

Fatal Error: Uncaught Exception
Thread: DialogProc
Type: 9Exception
Message: Package validation failure for
(sic, note the mixed slashes and double-slashes and my effort to
them here, but neither that nor the setup version has changed AFAICT)

I've found this in the mail archives, but this is setup 2.510.2.2,
the mirror hasn't changed in weeks, and I triple-checked the checksums
and lengths of this bz2, another copy I have, and the values in the
setup.ini; nothing obivous - so I'm guessing this might correlate with
the following things:

b) Since 1.5.19-2 and the corresponding new core-/find-utils, I get
messages like this:

~$ cp -f /cygdrive/m/Sourcecode/XSource/win32/SS.EXE /f/tmp
cp: skipping file `/cygdrive/m/Sourcecode/XSource/win32/SS.EXE', as it
was replaced while being copied

(The file is not copied, by the way.)


find: //desdata1/divisions/frameworks/share/Tools/BrainTools changed
during execution of find (old inode number -411813144, new inode number
-457114904, filesystem type is system) [ref 1114]

On my machine, these are consistent when I install 1.5.19-2 etc. On a
colleague's machine with 1.5.18 and the corresponding older core-/
find-utils, they don't appear at all. After downgrading to 1.5.18,
I'm back to no messages, too, so I assume it's got nothing to do with
my local machine's configuration.


So, to sum it up: I guess there's something wrong with our network drive
configuration, but the problem only shows up in setup.exe, newer cygwin
(though I can't tell which package makes the difference, I could check
that by installing or permutations), but not in cygwin 1.5.18 and its

Any hints as to what I could explore?
Is it possible that the "inode has changed" assertion is new in cygwin?

Thanks for your patience and everything,

PS: In the cygcheck.out, you will find indications that I have mixed the
XEmacs from into our mirror, but that, too, work until last
Wednesday and nothing's changed, and you might notice by now how
I am ;-)

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