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Re: dircolors generates "uknown colorls variable su" [attn tcsh maintainer]

> I upgraded to coreutils-5.93-2, and now when I run
> eval `dircolors -csh`
> I get
> Unknown colorls variable `su'.

Hmm, this is an upstream issue.  'man tcsh' documents that
LS_COLORS is a magic environment variable to the shell, and
by default, tcsh 6.14.00 does not recognize the su= code for
setuid variables, even though dircolors 5.93 now outputs
this category.  People using tcsh without patches suffer
from version mismatch between what dircolors outputs
for use by coreutils' ls, vs. what tcsh parses for use in the
shell builtin ls-F.

I personally don't use tcsh, and I am surprised that no one
else has reported this issue upstream to coreutils; I will
go ahead and raise that issue.  For now, the workaround
is to provide your own file for dircolors' use to avoid the
SETUID category:

eval "`dircolors --csh path/to/your/DIR_COLORS`"

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin coreutils maintainer

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