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RE: [ADMINISTRIVIA] Please don't use 'cygwin at cygwin dot com' as an email address

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> The spam trap has caught a few attempts from people who are attempting
> to use 'cygwin at cygwin dot com' (i.e., the actual email address) as
> their "From: " email address.  Please don't do that.  It won't work.
> This From: address has been used to send spam so its use as a From:
> address has been blocked.

  Not to mention that forging an email address that you have no authority or
permission from the relevant domain owner to use is a ToS breach at pretty
much every ISP under the sun and arguably even a criminal offence in some

  And it's network abuse.  Don't do it.  If you want to use a munged address,
either 1) use a made-up address at a domain that you own or have the explicit
permission of the owner to use 2) append ".invalid" or otherwise use a pretend
domain name that cannot possibly exist 3) use a throwaway hotmail or
mailinator account or 4) consult the address-munging FAQ for further
explanations information and advice.


Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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