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RE: support

Eric Blake wrote:
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> [I hate it when simple instructions aren't followed - I explicitly said
> that the list was the correct place for support...]

  Nilgun, I won't want private mail either; keep it to the list please.

>> I am a new user for Cygwin and trying start a CAD program (UGNX2) in
>> Windows by scripting in csh. Normally I run 2 batch files for required
>> libraries and the paths in command prompt window of Windows. Then run
>> the main batch file (ugii.bat) to start the program and it really starts
>> perfectly. 
>> Whereas when I do the same things in csh, an error message appears as
>> follows: 
>> ---------------------------
>> \ugraf.exe
>> ---------------------------
>> Cannot find the file '\ugraf.exe' (or one of its components). Make sure
>> the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are
>> available. 
>> ---------------------------
>> You can find the ugii.bat in the attached file.
>> ugraf.exe file is in the same folder with ugii.bat file. But I dont
>> understand why the same script works in command prompt and does not work
>> in csh...
> If you want help with your csh script, then attach the csh script, not the
> Windows .bat file.  And remember that in cygwin, you should be using POSIX
> paths, such as ./ugraf.exe, since backslashes in Windows paths require
> extra escaping that make them tougher to use.

  And also remember that in shell scripting most commands run in a sub shell,
and as soon as that subshell exits any changes made to its environment are
lost, so you need to source those files with the environment variable settings
rather than invoke them as standalone command lines.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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