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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: findutils-4.2.27-1

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A new release of findutils, 4.2.27-1, is available for use, replacing

This is a new, stable upstream release.  This release was previously
available as a test version, but now that cygwin-1.5.19-2 is out, I have
moved it to current.

Upstream news since 4.2.25 is attached; see also

Upstream findutils-4.3.0 has also been released as an unstable development
version; I will be packaging that soon as an experimental cygwin release.

The findutils package contains programs which will help you locate files
on your system.  The find utility searches through a hierarchy of
directories looking for files which match a certain set of criteria (such
as a filename pattern).  The xargs utility builds and executes command
lines from standard input arguments (usually lists of file names generated
by the find command).  The locate utility scans a database of filenames
and displays matches.  The updatedb utility builds the database for locate.

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your system.
Save it and run setup, answer the questions and pick up 'findutils' from
the 'Base' category (it should already be selected).

Note that downloads from (aka aren't
allowed due to bandwidth limitations.  This means that you will need to
find a mirror which has this update, please choose the one nearest to you:

If you want to make a point or ask a question the Cygwin mailing list is
the appropriate place.

- --
Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin findutils maintainer

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* Major changes in release 4.2.27

** Warnings of Future Changes

The test -perm /000 currently matches no files, but for greater
consistency with -perm -000, this will be changed to match all files;
this change will probably be made in early 2006.  Meanwhile, a warning
message is given if you do this.

** Bug Fixes

If xargs is invoked with many short arguments on PPC systems running
the Linux kernel, we no longer get an "argument list too long" error
from the operating system.

Fixed a bug in the test suite which caused it to spuriously fail on
systems where ARG_MAX is different to the value used by the Linux
kernel on 32-bit x86-architecture systems.

On systems running the Linux kernel, "find -printf %F" no longer
produces the wrong answer for files on filesystems that have been
remounted elsewhere using "mount --bind". (Savannah bug #14921).

** Documentation Changes

Following some extensive and detailed review comments from Aaron
Hawley, the material in the manual pages and the Texinfo manual are
now synchronised.

The %M format specifier of "find -printf" is now documented, although
it has existed since release 4.2.5.

The 'find' manual page now correctly documents the fact that -regex
defaults to using Emacs-style regular expressions (though this can be

* Major changes in release 4.2.26

** Public Service Announcements

I'd like to point out a second time that the interpretation of '-perm
+mode' has changed to be more POSIX-compliant.  If you want the old
behaviour of the GNU extension you should use '-perm /mode'.  See the
NEWS entry for findutils version 4.2.21 for details.

** Functional Changes

The xargs command now supports a new option (--delimiter) which allows
input items to be separated by characters other than null and
whitespace.  This resolves Savannah support request sr #102914.

Sometimes find needs to read the /etc/mtab file (or perform the
equivalent operation on systems not using /etc/mtab).  If this
information is needed butnot available, find now exits with an error
message non-zero status.  If the information is not needed, find will
not spuriously fail.

A new xargs option --delimiter allows the input delimiter to be
changed (previously \0 was the only choice unless you use the -L
option, which changes other semantics too).

** Bug Fixes

If the environment size is too large to allow xargs to operate
normally, 'xargs --help' still works (now).

If the input to xargs is a large number of very short options (for
example, one character each), earlier versions of xargs would fail
with 'Argument list too long'.  However, since this is precisely the
problem that xargs was invented to solve, this is a bug.  Hence on
those systems we now correctly use a shorter command line.  This
problem particularly affected 64-bit Linux systems because of the
larger size of pointers, although 32-bit Linux systems were also
affected (albeit for longer command lines).  In theory the same
problem could affect 'find -exec {} +', but that's much less likely
(even so, the bug is fixed there too).

Bugfix for an unusual failure mode (Savannah bug #14842) where an
attempt to allocate more space for directory contents succeeds but is
incorrectly diagnosed as a failure.  The likelihood of you
experiencing this depends on your architecture, operating system and
resource limits.  This failure has been observed in a directory
containing 35396 entries.

** Documentation Changes

The EXAMPLES section of the find manual page now correctly describes
the symbolic and octal modes for the -perm test.

The documentation and "--help" usage information for the -L, -l, -I
and -i options have been clarified (but the behaviour has not changed).

The documentation now explains more clearly what happens when you use
"-L -type l".

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