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Re: Using VC-compiled Mesa binaries under Cygwin

* * wrote:
> Are the import libraries using the cygwin filename conventions?
Well, no. Building Mesa with glut creates the following files (which I have 
copied to the directory of the simple test program I trying to build with 
compiler supplied with Cygwin using the Makefile in first post):
$ ls *.DLL *.lib
GLU32.DLL*  GLU32.lib*  GLUT32.DLL*  GLUT32.lib*  OPENGL32.DLL* 
> example,
> -lm links against
> libm.a
> -lpcre links against
> libpcre.a
> libpcre.dll.a
> GCC just isn't going to find a file named glut32.lib using the
> -lglut32 switch like microsoft link.exe does.  It might work if you
> list it like all the object files.

I tried renaming GLUT32.DLL to libglut32.dll.a, but the linker still cannot 
find the definitions of any glut functions. I tried adding GLUT32.lib with 
the objects in the linking stage, but still no go.
However, doing a nm GLUT32.lib | grep glutPostRedisplay (the first undefined 
reference), shows:
$ nm GLUT32.lib | grep _glutPostRedisplay
00000000 I __imp__glutPostRedisplay@0
00000000 T _glutPostRedisplay@0

Any ideas? And one more thing: Please don't quote raw email addresses when 
replying to this list. Thanks.

> On 1/16/06, Eric Lilja wrote:
>> I just compiled the latest version of Mesa (6.4.1) using Microsoft
>> Visual Studio, because I couldn't compile it with MinGW or Cygwin.
>> After editing a macro, I was successful in compiling Mesa + glut in
>> Visual Studio. Now, can I use the binaries (libs and DLLs) with
>> Cygwin? I can't seem to get my test program to link...I put the
>> mesa-binaries in the application path and I am using the following
>> Makefile:
>> CC = gcc
>> CFLAGS = -Wall -W -ansi -pedantic -g -O0 -c -o
>> LDFLAGS = -L. -lglut32 -lglu32 -lopengl32 -o $(EXEC)
>> EXEC = proj.exe
>> OBJECTS = simple1_9.o
>> all: $(OBJECTS)
>>  $(CC) $^ $(LDFLAGS)
>> %.o: %.c
>>  $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $@ $<
>> clean:
>>  rm -f $(OBJECTS) $(EXEC) *~ *.stackdump
>> But I'm getting link errors for any glut-functions....any ideas?
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