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Re: procedure entry point getline could not be located

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[Your mailer seems to have a problem with extra newlines between
paragraphs, and an inability to wrap lines at a decent column length.]

According to keinnamens AT excite DOT com on 1/14/2006 12:01 AM:
> In my case, the following fix worked:

I'm glad you solved your problem.  But I'm still going to reply so that
others finding this thread don't get misinformation.

> - delete all files from the local install directory
>   e.g.

Overkill.  Okay if you wanted to save diskspace, but it probably made your
redownload slower (since setup.exe is smart enough to avoid a download if
the version of a package in your local install directory is already the
most current version).

> - run setup, select All, then click the arrow switch to cycle through actions.
>   Keep - Install - until "Uninstall" is displayed. Follow wizard until
>   "Uninstall is complete".

Overkill.  setup.exe is designed to work without requiring an uninstall
step.  Furthermore, using setup.exe's uninstall doesn't uninstall
everything; see the FAQ.

> - verify absence of cygwin1.dll (click desktop icon, get error)
> - run setup.exe again, with "Defaults"
> Cygwin runs, with just the basics. Find and startup work without the 
> "getline" error.

Yes, when using setup.exe to pull in the default, you will get a working
cygwin with a working find.exe.

> Now, let's see if I can add more than the basic defaults without horking it up...
> - reboot

Overkill, if setup.exe did not tell you to do so.  A reboot is only
necessary if you are upgrading a .dll or .exe that is still resident in
memory, in which case setup.exe tells you so.

> - run setup.exe
> - choose a mirror
> - make a zillion selections
> - let the installer run
> It works now!

Yes, it will work as long as you don't use experimental packages without
following the directions associated with those experimental packages.

> I don't know which of these actions fixed the installation. Maybe one of the ini files in the install directory had a bad combination of versions. I'm sure I did not pick the exact same set of packages to install. I did not remove the exes and other files left behind after the uninstall.

Using the default install avoids experimental packages.  Again, for you to
get the warning that find.exe could not find getline(), you had to have
installed the experimental version of findutils at some point in time.  So
your reinstallation procedure probably did the trick of getting
findutils-4.2.25-2 instead of findutils-4.2.27-1, which was your original
problem, along with killing a lot of your time in performing all the steps
I marked overkill.

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