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RE: setup crashes trying to install xorg-x11-fnts: Solved

I had a setup.ini from dated 15 Oct 2004 which for some 
reason has a bogus size and md5 for xorg-x11-fenc- and xorg-x11-fnts-  At that time I didn't attempt to install any X11.

I have recently been using, and 
attempted to download X11 from there and install it.  This fails with size-check-failure-

I downloaded setup-2.523.tar.bz2 - I couldn't find a source tarball for 2.510.2.2 - don't you 
issue source for the current stable version, or was it removed when you put up the 
subsequent experimental versions?

I attempted to build it, which failed because tree-{plus,minus}.bmp were missing.  I 
cannibalised suitable bitmaps from elsewhere - perhaps you would like to add them to the 
source tarball.

Presumably setup.exe makes the reasonable assumption that all versions of setup.ini it can 
find will have the same size and md5 for the same version of the same file.  So it attempts to 
match the characteristics of the file with the first corresponding setup.ini it finds, which in 
this case unfortunately failed, even though the setup.ini from the mirror I was actually using 

Some of this is reading between the lines, but renaming the setup.ini from 
fixed the problem.

I'm not sure what the best solution to this is.  I guess it's a sufficiently rare problem that we 
don't want to complicate setup.exe to diagnose it.  But perhaps a separate program or shell 
script would be useful.
Iain Alexander

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