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Re: Running php scripts under cygwin

Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:

> Thanks, yes, I want to use the script by cron, can you point out how
> that will be done? I've found some cygwin cron stuff, but still no word
> on exactly how I set that up under cygwin. I already thought I'd rewrite

Install the cron package.  Read /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/cron.README.  Run
/usr/bin/cron-config to install the service.  Start the service.

>From there on everything works as it would on a unix system.  Edit the
crontab file with "crontab -e", add the job, etc.

BTW building a Cygwin PHP is no walk in the park.  Cygwin is not a
supported platform by the PHP developers and their build system is so
hacked up and brain dead that it does not understand simple things like
the fact that binaries under win32 have the .exe extension.  It is
relatively straightforward if you do a static build but to get a modular
build you will probably have to delve into the guts of their painful
build system.  Things might have changed in 5.x, but in 4.x it was a pit
of hell.

It would be much less work to just use native win32 PHP, which is
actually supported and supposed to work.  Of course you will have to use
win32 paths since it will not be a Cygwin application.


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