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Re: Stat(2) trigger on-demand virus scan

On Sat, Jan 14, 2006 at 09:12:11PM -0500, Paul McFerrin wrote:
>Brett Serkez wrote:
>>> From what I've been seeing, I'm starting to suspect that the problem(s)
>>is there in both cases, the scanner simply makes it much more
>>noticable.  I do see more CPU consumption that I woud have expected
>>even without the virus scanner and the original poster's calling out
>>stat was most interesting.
>Interesting observation......  I just assummed it was the stat(2) call
>since the only thing I was doing was a "find ...  >file".  I know that
>find (or at least the SysV version) does a readdir(3) syscall and I
>just totally ignored it.  Even it it was readdir(3), MS should not be
>triggering on-demand scanner hooks for directory-only operations.

I'd suggest taking a look at the source code before drawing any
conclusions about what should or shouldn't be happening.

stat() is, and always has been, a complicated function.  readdir() isn't
quite as complicated but it is not just a trivial wrapper around a
windows function.  Very little in cygwin is that trivial and assuming
that things are that simple will certainly lead you to draw faulty


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