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procedure entry point getline could not be located

I seem to have a cygwin problem that others have had, but the fixes that worked 
for them have not fixed my installation.
What further steps can I take to try and fix the error "The procedure entry point getline could not be located in the dynamic link library cygwin1.dll"?

Window title:	find.exe - Entry point not found
Message: The procedure entry point getline could not be located in the 
	 dynamic link library cygwin1.dll

Happens when:	I launch cygwin or invoke find.exe.

I had a working but limited "default" install of Cygwin on Windows XP.
I ran the installer later, added dev tools, vim, wget, etc. Had
some disconnections after choosing modules before setup.exe did the downloads.
Because of the disconnects, I used 2 or 3 different mirrors on these attempts (Maybe I got dlls out-of-sync that way?)

Posts I've read: FAQ, Problems, and 40 posts (see list below).
The gist from other posts:
	You have an old version of cygwin1.dll
	You have multiple copies of cygwin1.dll
	You have cygwin1.dll in a software distribution
	After each attempt to fix, you need to reboot
Steps I've Tried:
Eliminating Duplicates: No duplicate cygwin1.dll showed up through the 
following searches.
Windows XP Explorer find       (one copy, as expected)
	cd C:\
	dir cygwin1.dll /s /a /b >CYGWIN_DLL_S_A_B.txt
	more \CYGWIN_DLL_S_A_B.txt
		C:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll (one copy, as expected)
In Cygwin terminal:
	cd /cygdrive/c/
	ls -R1 > CYGWIN_DLL_ls-R1.txt
	$ grep -c 'cygwin1.dll' /cygdrive/c/CYGWIN_DLL_ls-R1.txt

(Rebooting, restarting cygwin from desktop shortcut, with each attempt)
Shutting off firewall (which alerted as hostname.exe and uname.exe would launch)
Rolling back GNU coreutils to 5.2.1-5 from 5.3.0-9
Moving cygwin1.dll, and then selecting "Reinstall" in the installer.
	C:\>move C:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll \home\monte\BKP\old_cygwin1.dll
Installing from local directory.

Posts that I've read on similar errors:

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