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Re: How to read man pages on nfs-server?

Siegfried Heintze wrote:
Hmmm... well I tried a few more mirrors and still cannot find nfs-server
2.3-4 -- I'll wait some more.

In the mean time, I did a "/usr/bin/find /usr/share | xargs grep -n
nfs-server" and found the README contains a list of files below.

Now how do I, from looking at the README, know how to learn more? I tried
"info nfs", "info nfs-server", "man nfs" and "man nfs-server". None of them

From the README, it looks like there are some man pages. How do I look at
them with the "man" or "info" command?



The files below are the manpages.


you can do the following:

man exports
man mountd
man nfsd
man showmount
man ugidd

You may want to have a look at man man


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