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Re: dselect


> I am sorry if this question has already been answered.
> When I run dselect in an cygwin bash shell, I get the following message
> read-only access: only preview of selections is available.
> Is this covered in the documentation? If not, how do I fix it?

You seem to be posting to the wrong list.  Unless it's a X11-related
question, it belongs on cygwin (at) not here.

It's not clear why you're running dselect.  You can't install packages
that way on Cygwin -- the only way to do this is with the graphical
setup.exe tool.

Normally on *nix that error means that you are trying to run dselect as
someone other than root, which means that you won't be able to make any
changes.  So on a *nix system you would just su to root or use sudo. 
But Cygwin doesn't work that way, so don't even bother trying.

I'm not entirely sure why dselect is even included in the Cygwin dpkg
package.  It can't possibly serve any purpose.


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