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Re: Errors building the FAQ/User's Guide (Attn: xmlto maintainer)?

On 1/12/06, Igor Peshansky  wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Jan 2006, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
> > I build everything but the PDFs on Cygwin. Is your issue related to
> >
> > I.e., you have docbook-xml42 installed? It might help to send info as at
> >
> And indeed it was.  Installing the various docbook-xml* packages let me
> build off the net without hacking xmlto.  Thanks.  I could've sworn I took
> care of it back in October, but looks like it slipped through the cracks.
> There might still be utility in controlling whether or not the build is
> network-aware via xmlto parameters (at the moment, there is no way to turn
> off the --nonet option).  I should submit a feature request at some point.

Might be an upstream issue, too. I haven't looked at the Cygwin-specific
xmlto patches if there are any.

> Did you happen to take a look at the FAQ rewording I proposed
> (<>)?  Was
> cygwin-patches the correct list for it, or should it have been sent here?

That was the right place, I'm just a little behind. I've applied it.

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