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Re: Perl/TK Missing Dependency Found (Attn: libfontconfig maintainer)

> > > Yaakov, if you would be willing to post the debugging symbols for
> > > Tk.dll, I could try ferreting out some more info.  Unfortunately,
> > > I'm not up to building a debug version of Perl/Tk at the moment. I
> > > don't recall off-hand who maintains libfontconfig (Harold?), but
> > > it's unlikely to be a fontconfig problem anyway.
> >
> > Have the debugging symbols been posted or the maintainer of
> > libfontconfig looked into this?
> I haven't seen any messages to that regard.  It was a bit unfortunate
> that the subject wasn't changed, and the libfontconfig maintainer
> can't be expected to read every message on the Cygwin list.  Hopefully
> the new subject will flag his attention.

Yes, this is a busy list.  But.. as a practical matter, installation of
libmwf resolves the issue, so while I can understand wanting to dig thru
this, I'm not sure why this dependency isn't simply included as I
originally suggested.

Oh well, I found the issue for myself, I suppose the next poor soul will
re-live the pain.

Brett C. Serkez, Techie

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