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RE: Define _POSIX_SOURCE in cygwin's features.h?

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Someone on the cygwin irc channel had a problem building a package which
> would have been solved if Cygwin defined _POSIX_SOURCE.
> I know that Cygwin is not fully POSIX compliant (I really really do) but
> I'm wondering if setting _POSIX_SOURCE in the cygwin headers wouldn't
> solve more porting problems than it creates.
> Any opinions on this?  Eric?
> cgf
> P.S.  I know that Cygwin isn't fully compliant with POSIX specifications.

  As far as I can tell by googling, _POSIX_SOURCE, despite the leading
underscore, is in fact a user-land feature test macro that it is up to each
individual application to decide whether to switch it on or not according to
whether the application itself is compliant or not.

  IOW, the system headers should have nothing to say about it at all, although
they may well want to react to it if it is defined at the time they are

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