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Re: problems with running Gnome applications

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Alessandro Lendaro wrote:
> It would be cool to have a clean and as complete as possible tutorial/wiki
> with infos about installing Gnome and applicationso n cygwin and make
> them work.

Installing GNOME programs on Cygwin is no different than other packages,
and running them should be no different then on *NIX (except that the
full desktop doesn't work yet).

> I got many problems with gconfd (errors like this:

1) gconfd-2 should not be started manually; programs that need it will
spawn it automatically.

2) AFAIK on Cygwin, gconfd-2 isn't very good about deleting its lock
file; try the following before starting your GNOME app again:

$ gconftool-2 --shutdown
$ ps -a   [make sure gconfd-2 isn't running, else /bin/kill it]
$ rm -fr $TMP/gconfd-*

> i cant execute bluefish
> ( "Bad system call" message)

You need to update gtk2-x11-runtime from the distro to 2.6.10-1.
(There's another solution, but this is the simplest.)

> I have Win 2003 server and latest Cygwin/Cygwin ports installation.

I haven't tried GNOME (or Cygwin FTM) on Win2003, so I have no idea how
it works there.

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