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Re: bash 3.1-1 "exec -l" doesn't start login shell

On 1/11/2006 9:06 PM, Eric Blake wrote:
>> "exec -l" in bash 3.1-1 doesn't seem to start a login shell. This
>> prevents my chere commands from starting a login shell, too.
> I couldn't reproduce the failure; can you provide more details?
> Here's what I tried:
[snip program]
> So exec -l is correctly prepending the '-' to argv[0].  Is you
> question about bash not behaving as a login shell when
> invoked with argv[0] set to "-bash"?  

I guess so.

> Have you tried "bash --login" instead?

"bash --login" works fine, but the problem with "-bash" prevents chere
from starting login shells. It may be possible to modify chere to use
"bash --login", but this is still a bash bug, right?

As I said, I noticed the problem first with chere. I confirmed the
problem by adding

    echo "`date` ~/.profile" >> /tmp/dotfile

at the top of ~/.profile. When I start a shell with "bash --login", I
see the current date/time added to /tmp/dotfile. If I execute "exec -l
/bin/bash", no entry is added to /tmp/dotfile with 3.1-1. An entry is
added with 3.0-14.

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