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Re: once more unto the breech - please try a snapshot so I can release this thing

On Jan 10, 2006, at 6:23 PM, Christopher Faylor wrote:

I hope that I've nailed down the last of the problems due to trying to
hide the console, aka ssh doesn't work, aka emacs doesn't work, aka
rxvt doesn't work, aka setsid something doesn't work.

So, please try a snapshot and report problems. Please indicate whether
the problem is a regression from 1.5.18 or previous snapshots and please
respond to this message when reporting a problem. Don't start a new
thread. Please always provide cygcheck output even if you think you've
already done it recently. Please provide exact details to duplicate a
problem - a simple program indicating the problem is ideal.

It's a rather difficult bug to reproduce, but I'm still seeing the hang up with the test_configure script. I seem to be getting it about once every 2000 iterations of the program. The thread where I mentioned this problem is msg00000.html

The script can be restarted by using the process.exe program (http:// using the restart option.

When I run the test_configure script, after about 2000 iterations it will hang. If I do a ps -ef I can see several running sh commands from the script. I pick the one that doesn't have any children and cat /proc/<pid>/cmdline and it show <defunct>. Then I cat the winpid and use the process program to restart. This causes things to start running again.

Occasionally I will see that there is a child process (i.e. sort, not another sh) If I try to cat the cmdline the cat process seems to hang; I can only kill cat with the task manager. However, I can still cat the winpid and when I do the process restart, things start running again. This behavior is fairly new. I have noted that it was the 12/22/2005 snapshot. But I didn't try the 12/21, 12/20 or 12/19 snapshots.

The machine is a windows 2000 with sp4. Dual processor at 933Mhz.

cygcheck.out attached.

(this is a resend...the first one seems to have disappeared)

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