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Re: Segment fault/Bus error with Singular

I'm actually pretty good at logic, having written a good deal about it in a book on axiomatic set theory. (And I have been known on occasion to apply logic correctly in the real world.)

The issue was whether, to install a snapshot, one runs the commands within cygwin or, instead, from a Windows command prompt.

The cygwin FAQ says plainly, near its very top, "Before installing a snapshot, you must first Close all Cygwin applications, including SHELLS [emphasis added]...."; a reasonable inference is that one would NOT use cygwin to execute the four commands with the downloaded snapshot. But the commands looked like the sort of things one would do ONLY in Cygwin (not in Windows), given that they had a cd to "/" and a two "tar" commands; so a reasonable inference from that is to use cygwin to execute the four commands. Hence a contradiction seems to appear: on the one hand, close cygwin shells (including, presumably, the default bash shell); on the other hand, to execute some commands that seem to require a cygwin shell in which to do them.

That is the crux of what confused me. I regret I did not make that part of the logic explicit.

Anyway, as I have posted in the same thread, Igor Peshansky wrote, "The FAQ is indeed confusing. Perhaps the following wording would be
better" and then proposed a clearer set of instructions. Those instructions instantly made the process clear and unambiguous -- and non-self-contradictory.

Dave Korn wrote:
Murray Eisenberg wrote:

So once again I ask for clarification.  I really do think it's a very
simple and perfectly straightforward question: Does one run those 4
commands in Step 1 from a Windows command prompt or from within Cygwin?

  Well, yes, it is a straightforward, but I would have thought the answer was
already obvious from what I stated.  Perhaps you need a hand following through
the syllogism:

  A)  One runs these 4 commands in step 1.

  B)  It doesn't matter if there are cygwin apps running or not until step 2.

  C)  You can do it however the hell you like, using whatever shell you want,
***BECAUSE* "it doesn't matter if there are cygwin apps running or not until
step 2".  QED!

  A) and B) were explicitly stated in my post.  I was kinda expecting you
would derive C) yourself without further prompting.


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