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Re: setup crashes trying to install xorg-x11-fnts

On Tue, 10 Jan 2006, David Rothenberger wrote:

> Setup is crashing for me (Windows "unexpected error" window) when I try
> to reinstall xorg-x11-fnts.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Which setup version?  Which OS?  Which version of
xorg-x11-fnts are you trying to reinstall?  Which mirror are you using?
Are you using "Install from Local Directory" or "Install from Internet"?
We need details.

> Why would I try that? Well, I was upgrading a computer and wanted to
> install some experimental packages. So, I clicked on Exp. I didn't want
> to install the X experimental packages. Rather than clicking on the
> version number for each package to toggle to "Keep" (my normal
> procedure), I got lazy and just unchecked the "Bin" checkbox for these
> packages.
> To my surprise, it uninstalled those packages (even though cycling away
> from Partial and back didn't show any activity for those packages).
> After this happened, I reran setup to reinstall those packages. All the
> X packages reinstalled successfully except xorg-x11-fnts.
> I thought something was messed up on that machine, but I just tried
> reinstalling xorg-x11-fnts on a different machine and setup crashed
> there, too.

Given the little information above, I was unable to reproduce this with
the latest setup CVS build -- xorg-x11-fnts- reinstalled normally
with no crashes.

> Any ideas how to fix this?

It would be best if we found why setup doesn't work for you (whatever it
does, it shouldn't crash).  It could be triggered by a corrupt setup.ini
file, a corrupt local package cache, or anything else.  If you can build
setup locally with debugging symbols, invoke it via gdb, and get a
backtrace, that would be great.  I can also send you a debug version if
you wish, but to debug it locally, you'll need the sources anyway.

> Or, is there any way I can manually reinstall xorg-x11-fnts so I have a
> working X11 installation again?

If nothing works, however, you can do the following:

1. Download release/X11/xorg-x11-fnts/xorg-x11-fnts- from
some mirror (I use with good results).
2. cd / && tar xjf xorg-x11-fnts-
3. cd /etc/postinstall && ./
4. Edit /etc/setup/installed.db and add this line:

xorg-x11-fnts xorg-x11-fnts- 0

(in alphabetically sorted order).

I think this should do it.
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