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setup crashes trying to install xorg-x11-fnts

Setup is crashing for me (Windows "unexpected error" window) when I try to reinstall xorg-x11-fnts.

Why would I try that? Well, I was upgrading a computer and wanted to install some experimental packages. So, I clicked on Exp. I didn't want to install the X experimental packages. Rather than clicking on the version number for each package to toggle to "Keep" (my normal procedure), I got lazy and just unchecked the "Bin" checkbox for these packages.

To my surprise, it uninstalled those packages (even though cycling away from Partial and back didn't show any activity for those packages). After this happened, I reran setup to reinstall those packages. All the X packages reinstalled successfully except xorg-x11-fnts.

I thought something was messed up on that machine, but I just tried reinstalling xorg-x11-fnts on a different machine and setup crashed there, too.

Any ideas how to fix this? Or, is there any way I can manually reinstall xorg-x11-fnts so I have a working X11 installation again?

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