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Re: permissions and ACLs

Ken Senior schrieb:
Yes, ROMULUS is my local machine and senior the administrator on it.

Just for the record, can it be that senior is in the Administrators group and not the name changed real Adminstrator?

Sometimes you just have to cut your losses. Thanks for the help, but I was able to rename the C:\cygwin directory, then delete it. I couldn't just delete it first, only after renaming it, which surprisingly I was allowed to do. Maybe I'll try this package some other day when I'm less frustrated. For now, I'll just samba mount my PC onto a Linux box and back it up that way.

What you are experiencing aren't realy cygwin problems, but just the usal messing around with windows acls. If you can't delete something in windows, usually the 'real' Administrator can take ownership of it and than give himself the rights to delete it, which needs acls in the directory too. Before reinstalling check the rights on the C:\, maybe something got inherited from there.

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