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RE: Cannot install - xmlcatalog cannot find libxml2

Marcus Williams wrote:
> On 10/01/2006 Dave Korn wrote:
>>   Your quickest workround would probably be either rebuilding xmlcatalog
>> from source, giving it the "--disable-shared" option at configure time
>> so it builds and links against the static libxml2.a, or to rebuild the
>> libxml2-devel package from source (default options this time) so as to
>> generate your own copy of libxml2.dll.
> Do they build outside of cygwin (I dont have a cygwin environment at all
> at the moment ... getting twitchy without it!)?

  I wouldn't worry that your entire cygwin install is borked just because of
this problem with libxml2 (unless you use lots of stuff like gnome or whatever
that depends on it).  You should be able to cd into /etc/postinstall and
manually run any of the scripts that haven't been tagged with '.done' to
complete the install.

  I also wouldn't bother going to the effort of setting up a mingw-to-cygwin
cross compiler just for this.  Let's see if we can't fix the problem more
easily first.  (See also the other post I sent which crossed with your last
one in the ether..)

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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