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RE: Cannot install - xmlcatalog cannot find libxml2

Marcus Williams wrote:
> On 10/01/2006 Dave Korn wrote:
>>   You need libxml2-devel for that file (enter 'libxml2.dll' at
>>  It should have been automatically selected
>> when you selected libxml2, but there may be a missing dependency.
> Nope - still got the same problem. I tried installing everything this
> time (setting All to "All @ Install")

  Whoops!  You're right, what I saw in there was only the export library

  This must be a real packaging error.  Looks like the maintainer might have
compiled libxml2-devel with "--disable-shared" and then compiled xmlcatalog
with "--enable-shared".

  Your quickest workround would probably be either rebuilding xmlcatalog from
source, giving it the "--disable-shared" option at configure time so it builds
and links against the static libxml2.a, or to rebuild the libxml2-devel
package from source (default options this time) so as to generate your own
copy of libxml2.dll.

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