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Re: autoconf/automake: just can't get it to work at all.

Dave Korn wrote:

>   I'm having trouble with the cygwin auto*tool package and the wrappers it
> puts around the different tool versions.  I've looked in the following places

I think that they key point is that for automake, the automatic version
guessing is no longer done, there are no wrapper scripts.  I don't think
the WANT_ or FORCE_ stuff has any effect.

You should be able to just run e.g. "automake-1.4" if you want that
version.  When you run "automake" you get whichever version is currently
set as the "alternative" -- see "man alternatives".  You can run
"update-alternatives --config automake" to select which version the
generic "automake" should run.

Note that for autoconf, there is still "version guessing" so you should
always be able to just run autoconf and get the right thing.

This seems to be mostly documented in Chuck's announcement here:


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