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Re: Segment fault/Bus error with Singular

Thank you for those pointers. By adding the environment variables listed at the first URL, below, I can now indeed get singular to work from a DOS command prompt window.

I can also get Singular to work in a Cygwin terminal window by starting Cygwin and, at the bash prompt, invoking TSingular. Yet I still get the Segment fault/Bus error if I try to use the "Singular (rxvt)" icon.

Still, after I start X, the "Singular (Emacs)" icon does not work: nothing whatsoever seems to happen. And if I use the command ESingular within an X window opened in Cygwin, I get a "Segmentation fault" error.

Oliver Wienand wrote:
Dear Mr. Eisenberg,

On the other hand, if I go to the subdirectory lib\Singular of the main cygwin directory and double-click Singular.exe, then Singular does run, in a DOS command prompt window (although I see message "cannot open `standard.lib'".

At first, to enable you to use Singular please read

With this information you should be able to get a full functional Singular within the windows command shell you mentioned.

To the bug itself I can also just refer to

Please apologize the delay of the answer, I was moving to the USA during the last week.


Oliver Wienand
Singular Team

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