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Re: Segment fault/Bus error with Singular

Murray Eisenberg wrote:
I'm running latest Cygwin under Windows XP Pro (SP2, with all updates). I installed all the Singular packages via Cygwin Setup.

After I start cygwin with its bash shell, command


gives error:

  Singular " signal 11 (v: 3001/2005111410):
  Segment fault/Bus error occurred (r:1136744764)
  Please inform the authors
  trying to restart...

(The number after "r:" changes depending on what else is running in windows.) But Cygwin never recovers, and it freezes.

At first I tried uninstalling Singular, downloading the Singular packages again, and re-installing; same error. I completely uninstalled Cygwin, downloaded Cygwin again including the Singular packages, and re-installed. Same error.

On the other hand, if I go to the subdirectory lib\Singular of the main cygwin directory and double-click Singular.exe, then Singular does run, in a DOS command prompt window (although I see message "cannot open `standard.lib'".

So the bug seems to be somewhere in the interface between Singular and cygwin. Any ideas of how to proceed. (I did report this bug on the Singular web site a couple days ago but have had no response.)

Does a recent snapshot make a difference?


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