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Re: Perl/TK Missing Dependency Found

> > Please also bear in mind, that I only install what I need, the
> > default plus minimum, in this case, Perl/Tk. If this doesn't work on
> > your system, please try this approach.
> I'll admit that I don't have a mimimal system by any means, but AFAICS
> libwmf has nothing to do with perl-Tk.

I would kindly ask that you setup a minimal install and try it, perhaps
someone else on this list can try it and also verify.

Are you saying that you are unwilling to take the steps necessary to
persue this just because it works on your system?  I invested several
hours tracking this down for the community, and would appreciate more
than just 'it works on my system' and a blow-off that 'by the book' it
doesn't have anything to do with perl-TK.  I don't claim to understand
the relationship, but it *is* there and I would appreciate it being
addressed as it will come up for others.

Perhaps it is a particular Service Pack?  I've tried on both Windows Xp
Pro and Home with all the latest MS patches.  Perhaps another
unrelated software package is installing a DLL on your system that is
being utilized.  I see that it is a Microsoft library for reading vector
images.  Perhaps you have Office or other package that has installed
this DLL?????

I've verified this on a couple of different systems.  Anyone else?

Brett C. Serkez, Techie

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