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Re: Download interrupted. How to get only lacking files?

Julien Rouiller wrote:
I tried to download cygwin modules with a 56k
The download was interrupted after a few hours.

If I try to download again, will the cygwin setup
program know which files where successfully downloaded
Or does it download the whole and overwrite existing
(Should I install downloaded modules before
re-downloading? How?)

In fact, I want to get the GRASS SIG. It is not
obvious for me to know which cygwin modules are
required. I have the feeling that running the cygwin
setup is like getting an OS (more exactly an virtual
machine) and misc applications the same time...

If you don't select different mirrors, then setup.exe will know
what it has already downloaded successfully (by consulting the
cache it keeps under the download directory you told it) and will
not download these packages again unless they have been updated in
the interim.

Sorry, I don't know what "the GRASS SIG" is so I can't provide
any info relative to that.  Keep in mind, unless the package
you're looking for comes from one of the mirror sites listed at, they aren't supported by this list.
You should send any specific questions or issues you have with
unsupported packages to the owners of those packages.  As for
installing packages that are on the mirrors listed, you don't
need to select any packages manually to get the basic set that
will just work.  Will wonders never cease? ;-)

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