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Re: debugging cygwin

On Mon, 9 Jan 2006, Ken Senior wrote:

> Ok, so Igor's directions seem to conflict with the FAQ #15 about whether
> or not cygwin services must be halted. Can someone clarify that.

Umm, sorry.  That's what I get for writing a message and then coming back
to change some part of it (with some time in between).  I meant that once
you have the snapshot DLL in place, you don't need to stop any running
processes to use the .dbg file (as you would if you had to substitute the
debugging version of the DLL).  Sorry for any confusion it caused.

> In any case, after renaming the snapshot DLLs (from both 1/7 and 1/8) to
> /bin/cygwin1.dll, I find that no cygwin process will launch, not even
> the bash window. Replacing the old cygwin1.dll back reverts things to
> working again. Can anyone suggest a more "stable" snapshot one might
> use for debugging purposes?

As CGF said, the snapshots are stable.  You have to stop all the running
processes to replace the DLL (this probably stems from the confusion I
mentioned above).
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