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Cygwin cannot find certain files under Windows 2003


I have been using Cygwin on Windows Server 2003 (both Standard Edition
and Web Server Edition) for a while without any problems to interface
with the IIS scripts in /cygdrive/c/inetpub/adminscripts.

However, I have recently installed Cygwin on Windows Server 2003 64-bit
Standard Edition and it cannot see certain files which definitely exist
within the file system, notably
c:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\MetaBase.xml, which causes havoc with the
AdminScripts.  If I ls the directory in Cygwin, I can see most of the
files but not the MetaBase.xml file (amongst a few others), but I have
no problem seeing the file from a regular Windows command prompt.

If I copy the MetaBase.xml file to c:\ (for example) then I have no
problem seeing or opening the file.

The permissions of the file are identical to those on other files in the
directory and on the other Windows servers.  I am running the latest
release of Cygwin, 1.5.18-1.

Any pointers with this would be gratefully received.

Ian :)

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