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Re: debugging cygwin

The add-symbol-file command doesn't seem to be present. This must not be part of the default distribution. -K

Igor Peshansky wrote:

On Mon, 9 Jan 2006, Ken Senior wrote:

Does anyone know where one might find a version of the latest
cygwin1.dll which was compiled with the '-g' (debugging) option set?
If it's possible, I would recommend that each cygwin distribution be
accompanyed by an optional cygwin1.dll which has been compiled with said
option. Users can seamlessly swap the '-g' version with the when
debugging is needed. Or, maybe there's some hidden difficulty in doing
this that I just don't understand. -Ken

All the snapshots[*] come with debugging symbols in the cygwin1.dbg file.
Simply download the snapshot DLL and the corresponding cygwin1.dbg (the
DLL should go in /bin; the dbg file can go anywhere), then issue the
'add-symbol-file' command in gdb with the full path to the file. You
don't even need to stop the running processes.
[*] <>

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