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cpp does not honor the -undef option.


I recently tried to build a package that was using cpp for other
purposes than preprocessing C files. Its configure script was
looking for a way to not have cpp predefine anything, and it
specifically tried the -undef option, but failed. From reading the
docs, I couldn't figure out why. Here's a quote from "info cpp":

     Do not predefine any system-specific or GCC-specific macros.  The
     standard predefined macros remain defined.  *Note Standard
     Predefined Macros::.

So I searched the web a bit and figured that I could probably fix
it in the specs file. I realise that the specs file probably isn't
the canonical place to change this, but I'll leave that to the gcc

Attached is a patch for the specs file that wraps all old define
rules for cpp inside the following:

%{!undef:old define rules}

I don't know if this is the correct thing to do, but it works for


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