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Re: cygwin and rsync

Ken Senior wrote:
Pushing from Windows to Linux works fine.  It's the pulling from Windows
into Linux (that is, initiating on Linux) which does not.

On the gdb front, I found that whenever I launched the gdb on the
Windows box, the process froze immediately instead of the usual place. That is, the gdb process seems to itself cause a freezing of rsync. Quitting out of gdb allows the process to resume until it freezes in the
"usual" place. Two gdb outputs follow. The first corresponds to the
first freeze (the one seemingly caused by gdb itself) while the
subsequent one is the one corresponding to the "usual" freezing point. I tried to make sense of these, but I'm afraid I don't know enough about
somes of these DLLs.

Looks like you're missing debug information for cygwin1.dll at least.  Either
build the DLL with -g or download a snapshot and it's accompanying DBG file.
This should help sort things out.

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